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The Irish Trip

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In February 2004 I was sent on mission to Ireland by my office. I spent two weeks there and fortunately I did not only have top work. I also had time to go and do some sightseeing. Below you will find some of the highlights from my time in Ireland.

I worked in Dublin with a nice crew of people. Dublin is a nice homey little big city.

The houses in Dublin all have different coloured doors and most offices are housed in buildings like the ones you see above.

A traditional Irish butcher shop. I had never seen a Christian wedding before so when I noticed that the chapel at Trinity college were performing a catholic wedding I felt that I had to sneak in. It was quite a long and boring ceremony I must say. There was also a lot of talk about Jesus.

Stephen and Prue
Me and David Curran
Me and two pub chicks
An Irish musician


Of course I did not limit myself to Dublin but also took a train ride out to the Western part of Ireland; Galway and Connamara.

This is Quay street in Galway. As you can see Galway is a really cute little town with tons of pubs and restaurants. Below is a picture of Galway houses.

Connamara is a beautiful region Northwest of Galway. It is one of the few areas where people still speak Irish (Gaelic).

The houses above are called "Thatch cottages".

The above picture did not scan well but it is definately me.

Kylemore Abbey is a convent in Connamara where the nuns also run a girls boarding school. From what I hear Madonna is sending her daughter here. It is a beautiful environment but it must be ohh so boring after a while.

My friend Naill is from a village outside of Galway called Oranmore. He invited me to his house where he taught me to play the Irish game of Hurling.