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In February 2004 I had to go to Ghana for work. Fortunately I also had some time to take a few pictures outside of the conference center. I spent my time in the capital, Accra and it was pretty much the way I picture an African city to be: crowded, poor and a lot of people carrying things on their heads.

People were very friendly and the Ghanaians seem to have a joy of life that far overshadows their lack of material assets. Below are a few pictures from my trip there.

This is a typical street in Accra.

Football on a street in the Jamestown part of Accra.

People loved having their picture taken.

The Ghanaians are very religous and there are churches everywhere. I found this one to be especially amusing.

I don't know what these guys were up to.

Fishing boats in the bay outside of Accra.

A trip outside of Accra to the hills north of the city proved interesting.

Village building

Head carrying

My driver took the opportunity to take a nap while I was sightseeing.

Africans all have great posture. Maybe it is because they use their heads.