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I was born in Göteborg, Sweden on 24 July 1976. I was the firstborn of my two loving parents and they named me Samuel Patrik Jakob Danofsky. At my Brith Milah, that I heard turned into a binge drinking bash, I was also given the Jewish name Shmuel Yaakov ben Reuven Baruch.

My family's history does of course begin a lot earlier. To make a long story short I think our travels began about two thousand years ago in the by Rome occupied Israel. From there we travelled through North Africa, Spain, France and Germany into Eastern Europe. In Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Poland and Hungary) we hung out for a couple of hundred years until the situation with poverty and persecution became too hard and my father's family immigrated to Sweden in the beginning of the 20th century. Unfortunately my mother's parents were not so fortunate. They came to Sweden as holocoust survivos in 1945 after losing most of their families in the War.

My early days were spent in a nice, safe neighborhood outside of Göteborg. Those days were filled with biking, hiking, footballing and rummaging about with other kids. The school of life was both fun and tough and many important lessons were learned during that time.

When I was four years old I got a little brother (Mischa) that screwed up my life for a while. I think I had a hard time taking the competion for my parent's attention. Besides that, he was an annoying little shit that always bugged the hell out of me. Luckily we both have gotten past that and are now best friends.

I always loved school. I was not a nerd but I loved learning and dicussing with people around me. Consequently I did pretty well in school. I was also lucky that my parents sent me to a semi-private school with dedicated teachers and a Montessori philosophy.

I made a lot of friends in my childhood. The people still closest to me are my oldest friends that I met in Jewish kindergarten and through friends of my parents. It is interesting how certain things stick.

High school was amazing. It was a time of exploration without responsibility. Can things get any better? Drinking, partying, travelling, exploding sexually and good friends.

During my adolescence I developed a strong attachement to the state of Israel so after high school it was natural for me to spend some time there. After dodging being drafted to the Swedish army I joined a kibbutz program in the holy land. There I met somereally nice people that are still my friends today. I also picked up quite a bit of Hebrew and a feeling for how it is to live in a semi-war zone.

I guess living in Israel affected my choice of studies when I got back. I choose a university program focusing on economics and political science. Living in a new city was a different experience and rewarding in many ways. Through my studies I also got a chance to spend some time at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

I never got to finish my Master's degree since I was offered a job at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs right in the middle of it. I worked there for two years focusing on development issues. After two years of work my brother asked me if I wanted to go travelling with him. Of course I wanted to so I quit and we took of back packing around the world for a couple of months.

And that sort of takes me to my current situation. I am living in New York working for the United Nations and enjoying myself immensely.

So.. that was my life in a few short paragraphs. As you guys probably understand there is a bit more to me than this page but I did want to provide you with a framework. If you want to know more read on or send me an e-mail.