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I just sent Cheryl off from my apartment after a nice night of apple pie, shisha/nargila and great conversation. Cheryl i one of my colleagues that I hang out with quite often. She is a really wonderful person that I have a lot in common with which leads to us always having these great talks about all the weird stuff that goes on in our lives. Tonight I had to appease her a little bit with dinner since she was a bit upset at the fact that I might not stay in New York after January.

I got home from a two week business trip to Tunisia yesterday. Hopefully I will soon be able to put up some pictures from that trip. I really feel like I need a digital camera. Developing film and converting to digital is just to cumbersome nowadays.

The trip was quite interesting. I went to organize the participation of the UN ICT Task Force in the World Summit on the Information Society that took place in Tunis from 16-18 November. Apart from the intergovernmental process there were a lot of side events and exhibitions that lasted for about a week. Overall our representation was really good and we managed to get our messages across successfully.

On a side note, however, the hotel sucked, the exhibition tent was hot like a sauna and the food was crap.

I went to New Haven over the weekend to be with my friend Daniel Klamer. It was a beautiful autumn weekend and the foliage was at its peek. We really didn't do much but bum around, talked about life, love and our uncertain futures. Here is what that looked like:

I also had an extrordinary amount of coffee since Daniel loves excellent coffee. It turns out that I also enjoy a well brewed cup even if my stomach protests.

Tomorrow I am going to Tunisia for two weeks. It is for work but I am really looking forward to it. The weather will be comfortable. The events interesting and the people exciting. Don't expect any updates until I get back though.


My brother has been here for a month and he is leaving to go home tomorrow. A fact that fills me with slight sadness. It is quite a comfort to have close family members around but it is time for normal routine to kick in and it is definitely time for me to get back in shape after two months of visitors and too much good food.

We did decide to end his visit in style and went to a great Halloween party in Brooklyn on Saturday night. As I think everyone would agree with, merely wearing a costume is not enough. You have to back it up with a character and a background story. Mischa and I came up with The Disco Brothers from Moldova!!!:

After the fall of the Berlin Wall Western influences, both modern and the ones that we missed during the Cold War, has flooded Moldova and Disco! is currently the predominant fad. Since I, as young kid, was selected by the Soviet authorities to study extra math I had now been awarded a scholaship to come and study in the U.S. I saw this as an excellent opportunity to come and experience Disco! where the roots of this pelvis- moving music originated.

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After having spent my first month here my brother Mischa came to visit. He is also a Disco! afficionado and has even greater moves than I have. After hanging around in the dorm for a couple of days another grad student promised to take us to an asskicking Disco! party. (or did he say costume? My English is not that good yet.)

After arriving at the party people kept touching my hair, which is not very cool since I worked on picking it for a long time. I must also say that Americans dress very funny when they go to Disco! I guess Disco! has evolved further here. Mischa and I kicked Disco! butt though and it was fun to dance with American women although they did not appreciate man- smell like the women back home. Here are some pictures of us where we make some cool moves:

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